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Contact us to share your museum artifacts pricing is simple

Web. Mobile. Easy. FREE.

FREE museum account

Upload your museums 3D models for free. Museum page can be customised.

FREE for visitors

Visitors won't be charged to view models. More views for your models equals more potential visitors to your exhibition.

PRO museum account

250 €/year you get to embed 3D models to your site. Also more visibility at the site.

FREE Museum0 €

  • Basic Visibility at site
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Unlimited Views

  • Customisable page
  • Input descriptions for the models
  • FREE Pricing plan

Pro Museum250€

  • Upgraded Visibility at site
  • FREE Museum options
  • Reports on Uploads & Views
  • Customisable page
  • Emdedding of 3D artifacts
  • Yearly Pricing plan

White Museum500€

  • Upgraded Visibility at site
  • Pro Museum options
  • Reports on Uploads & Views
  • Background 360 Ball panoramas
  • White Label the embedding screen
  • Yearly Pricing plan
Contact us to get

Custom Solutions and VR & 3D web software

Contact us to get your museum to the digital era

Teaching 3D Scanning

Does your museum have a photographer and a studio?
Versoteq teaches museums to do photogrammetry themselves. We also have a growing network of 3D Scanners willing to help you museum around the world.

Custom Software

We also make custom 3D software which can use 3D artifacts in a web browser, mobile device or even with VR glasses. Our software runs even on tablets and infoscreens. Contact us with the form above for more information.

Virtual Reality

Once there are 3D models of museum artifacts it's quite easy to create small or big virtual worlds which run on VR goggles or even Google Cardboard VR. Versoteq can create small additions to the exhibition or build a virtual museum to showcase where ever your museums whishes to be seen.
Get a virtual sauna experience

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Partner network

We help you to find local 3D scanners and best solutions

3D Scanning

Transforming your artworks and artifacts into digital form to extend your museum to the larger world.
We and our partners create 3D virtual models of original artworks using the latest 3D scanning technology. The scanning can be done on your site, anywhere around the world.

Why 3D models?

Having 3D models is the first step towards a global audience and the essential step to the digital world.

- Make exhibitions possible for visually impaired visitors
- Provide engaging education content with Virtual Reality
- Engage young visitors with new technologies and interactive activities
- Publish on multiple platforms to reach a global audience

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Espoo, Finland Versoteq 3D Solutions Oy Photogrammetry, turntable, mobile studio
Helsinki, Finland Jukka Alander tmi Photogrammetry, drone
UK 3D Scanning Ltd. Coming soon Photogrammetry
USA 3D Scanning Ltd. Coming soon Photogrammetry
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